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In the beginning there was Pete Milkovich.





Our club traces its beginnings to the late 1970's when it

was known as the Stratosphere Club.  We were a

mixture of Free Flight, Control Line and R/C

enthusiasts.  In the early 1980's we received our AMA

charter and then in 1992 we received our IMAA charter.



This was our first frequency control and impound area.





Some early pioneers at BARCS.



A major renovation was undertaken in 1996 to redo the

pit area and the frequency impound.  Two huge shade

structures were constructed and the pit area was redone

with crushed rock and asphalt sealant.  The frequency

impound was an old bus shelter that was donated by

Chevron Corporation.  Today the frequency impound is

a shed that was constructed by club members.





A view from the air of our newly constructed shade

structures and newly resurfaced pit area and runways.