BARCS Announces Acquisition of The Buddy Foundation of Maryland
Sep 23

BARCS Announces Acquisition of The Buddy Foundation of Maryland


Since 2011, The Buddy Foundation of Maryland (TBFMD) has been providing resources and solutions, including lifesaving medical care, to help underprivileged families and individuals who are financially struggling to save their beloved pets. Over the years,152 dogs have been given a second chance to gain back their health and happiness while staying with their families. 

TBFMD has proudly partnered with local organizations, including the Baltimore Animal Rescue and Care Shelter (BARCS), to offer their services to pet owners in need. Effective September 2020—in order to serve more animals in the Baltimore community—TBFMD has dissolved to redirect support towards BARCS’ Franky Fund program, which provides specialized and extraordinary medical care for thousands of animals that are surrendered to BARCS each year.

This support will enhance BARCS’ mission to serve our community and save lives by expanding the Franky Fund program with additional staffing to help even more animals annually. Furthermore, we will have the ability to work with and better advise pet owners with limited income about other resources in our community to support their pets' care. By leveraging BARCS’ well-established network of veterinary partners and other lifesaving operations, both organizations are confident that this move will help us work toward a more humane Baltimore. 

Since 2016, BARCS has been implementing and growing programs that prioritize keeping families together by providing animal care resources to pet owners in need. These resources include a pet food pantry, low-cost vaccinations and microchipping, free spaying and neutering, training advice and free basic animal care supplies. These initiatives have been made possible thanks to donations from the community and animal welfare grants. Our vision for the future is that BARCS will have enough resources, through community donations, to expand our services to include medical care for owned pets of families with limited income so families can stay together. 



Every life we save begins with you!

Please consider making a donation to BARCS' Franky Fund to support this new program and lifesaving initiative.

The Franky Fund is a long-standing fund established to aid animals in need of lifesaving medical care. Donations made through the button above will be earmarked to support the care of owned pets in crisis in order to keep families together.