Foster Spotlight: The Mistry Family
Jun 8

Foster Spotlight: The Mistry Family


While Dipak and Zarna Mistry’s 11-year-old daughter loves all animals, she has a special place in her heart for dogs. That love led the Mistry family to sign up to be a foster family for BARCS, and the experience couldn’t be any better.

“We thought fostering would be a nice way for her to get to know dogs,” says Zarna, “and also to teach her some responsibility.”

Right now the Mistry family has three dogs who are being cared for because the dogs’ owners needed a temporary place for them while they get their life settled.

“We have a mom and her two sons who are about a year old,” says Dipak, “and it is so much fun to watch them.” They have very different personalities. “The Mama dog loves nothing better than to sit on your lap while the two boys wrestle and play.”

Though Dipak is currently working from home, he still gets up very early and the dogs are there to greet him and he takes them out and gives them breakfast.

“They are super cute,” he says. “It is so wonderful watching them fight and play.”

And of course, there are times when the three dogs join him on the couch for a nap. “I love seeing their cute faces,” Dipak says. “It’s really wonderful. Even their barks are cute.”

When these dogs go back to their owners the Mistry family will not hesitate to take in more fosters. “There is so much need,” Dipak says, “and by fostering, we are getting to meet and learn about all kinds of dogs.

An unexpected benefit to fostering has been corresponding and meeting with other foster families. The fosters have their own Facebook group, and Dipak is grateful for their advice and camaraderie.

One of their daughter’s classmate’s family is interested in fostering, and Mistry’s are encouraging them. “It is needed, but it is also a great experience for kids,” he says. “Hopefully we can help grow this community.”

While Dipak and Zarna are currently working at home, they are already looking at their schedules to make sure they can keep fostering. “Between the two of us we will make sure we can work out our schedules.” Dipak says. “The experience is so rewarding, and it’s also so important for the dogs.”

We are actively recruiting new fosters! Want to help save the life of a homeless animal? Learn more about fostering here: