Meet Macy, BARCS Rescue Coordinator and Animal Advocate
Apr 11

Meet Macy, BARCS Rescue Coordinator and Animal Advocate

BARCS has the best team members, no doubt about that! Our group of animal lovers are passionate about helping BARCS achieve its mission to save the lives of all homeless animals in Baltimore. Today, we want to shine the spotlight on Macy, our Rescue Coordinator and a Marine Corps veteran, whose passion for animal welfare began when she was just a kid.


Military Service

In 2011, Macy wasn’t sure where she wanted to be, but she knew it wasn’t in her hometown. She had always wanted to be a part of something bigger than herself.


Since her grandfather was a veteran, Macy began scouring military websites hoping for a spark of inspiration. She ended up on the Marine Corps website and requested more information. The next morning at 8 a.m., a recruiter was on her doorstep. And three days later, Macy was sworn into oath.


After going through boot camp and MCT (Marine Combat Training), Macy attended training for her MOS (Military Occupational Speciality). Once she was finished with her schooling, she was stationed at Camp Pendleton in beautiful southern California attached to 7th Engineer Support Battalion.


All About Rescue

Macy met her wife Larissa online while she was stationed in California, and she didn’t come alone. Larissa was the proud dog mom of Drew, who she adopted from BARCS in 2012. Drew and her brother were found in the backyard of their owner’s home tied to a tree. The only shelter they had was a dog crate with a trash bag over its top. Larissa and Drew’s bond was instant. When she adopted Drew, Larissa wanted to give her the chance to be a puppy--a chance she never had for the first year of her life.


Like most animals that come into BARCS, Drew was the definition of resilient. Despite her background, Drew never held a grudge against humans. Instead, she loves to your shadow, giving sloppy kisses with her wet tongue and wiggling her butt excitedly.


While Macy and Larissa fell in love for many reasons, one is a shared passion for rescue work and animal welfare. They both deeply understand that an animal shelter like BARCS can be a homeless animal’s last chance for a better life.



Macy had always been an animal lover, but she is especially fond of bully breed dogs. She grew up with a pittie named Simon, who was her absolute best friend. She even has a tattoo of Simon! She explains, “My family got him for free from our neighbor, a breeder who also shows them. Simon's ears were cropped too short, so our neighbor was going to euthanize him before my family stepped in. From that moment, advocating for adoption become so important in my life.”


Joining the BARCS Family

When Macy got out of the Marines, she and Larissa moved around the country a few times before choosing to settle down on the east coast. While she enrolled in the University of Maryland to study Landscape Architecture, Macy joined the BARCS team as a member of our kennel staff. Working for BARCS was an obvious decision for Macy--not only could she make money while she was in school, but she could also channel her passion into lifesaving work.


One day, Taylor, the Programs Manager at BARCS, asked Macy why she hadn’t applied to the open Rescue Coordinator position. At first, Macy worried that taking on the new role would be too much for her with her classes. But, thankfully, she learned that Maryland had passed a law that allows veterans priority registration for higher education, so Macy was able to work out her schedule to her advantage. The first semester was tough, but she’s empowered to keep going.


Macy explains, “Every single day, I am so eager to come to work and save the animals who need it most. It's not easy working here, but it’s so worth it. I love BARCS because they gave my wife and I Drew. The people I work with and the amazing animals in our shelter inspire me to advocate for animals and educate our community. I know that every animal that comes through BARCS is in the best hands possible. I love that people get to experience the same feeling Larissa and I do when we get home and Drew greets us with a wiggly body and wagging tail.”



Macy wanted to be a part of something bigger than herself. With her military service and dedication to animal welfare, she has, without a doubt, accomplished that goal.


We need animal lovers like you to help us in our mission to safeguard, rescue, heal, adopt and advocate for animals while inspiring community action and compassion. Check out our current job listings as well as our ongoing volunteer opportunities available at BARCS. We always have a need for helping hands.