Partnership Spotlight: Days End Farm Horse Rescue
Jul 16

Partnership Spotlight: Days End Farm Horse Rescue


At BARCS, we take in all animals that need our help, including animals you might not think of typically being at a shelter—geese and ducks, deer, raccoons, snakes and goats, to name a few. These animals receive care from our team before being transferred to a partner rescue organization that specializes in wildlife and exotic care.

Notably, though, one animal we do not need to take in is horses. This is because of one fantastic, local rescue organization called Days End Farm Horse Rescue, which focuses on the rehabilitation of horses. Thanks to Days End Farm, horses in the Baltimore area always have a safe place to go.

Days End Farm Horse Rescue welcomes 70-90 horses into their rehabilitation program each year. Over the course of a year, they shelter 140-160 equines at their facility. The successful adoption program and loyal donor base allow Days End Farm to continue expanding their reach; when a call for help comes in, their team doesn’t hesitate to act and respond to a horse in need. Days End Farm also works with law enforcement and animal control agencies across Maryland and surrounding states to take in horses that are part of neglect or abuse cases. 

Days End Farm has welcomed dozens of horses from Baltimore City into their rehabilitation program over the course of their 30 year history. As part of their mission, they strive to not only prevent equine abuse and neglect, but to also educate the public about equine welfare and the importance of responsible care for all living things.

We are grateful to Days End Farm because, while BARCS is able to temporarily house other farm animals like goats, pigs and chickens, we don’t have the facility or the resources to care for and rehabilitate horses. But, together, both of our agencies give any and every animal a second chance. 

Days End Farm currently has a very special Equine Ambassador named Nugget. Nugget arrived from Baltimore City as part of a neglect case in January 2015. He has a large fan base and is the reason why hundreds of people have fallen in love with horses after spending an afternoon learning to groom or lead him. They are so thankful to have Nugget as part of the Days End Farm family—and we are so thankful to have Days End Farm as our friends and partners! 

To learn more about Days End Farm and how you can get involved in their mission, visit their website at