A Safe Place for Jumpy
Dec 16

A Safe Place for Jumpy


Our big-hearted fosters always go above and beyond for homeless animals in our community. Recently, cat foster Annie M. was at BARCS when our Cat Foster Coordinator Lesley approached her with a special question. Here's her story…


While I was walking around BARCS, Lesley approached me and told me about a woman who had just lost her home and needed a favor. She and her children were literally standing in our lobby with their belongings ready to go to the homeless shelter. Included in all of their most precious things was a darling gray cat named Jumpy. Jumpy was brought to BARCS in a carrier with her favorite toy, a small soccer ball. 


While Lesley promised the family that Jumpy would be okay, the whole family was clearly devastated; the kids especially, who were crying. The whole scene broke my heart, and I knew I had to help.


So when Lesley asked me, "I know you have a ton of fosters right now, but can you take her?" 


I quickly replied, “Absolutely; no question.”


So Jumpy came home with me. 


It was difficult at first. Jumpy’s whole world was flipped 100% upside down. After all, she had lost her home and the only people she knew all in one day. Understandably, Jumpy was terrified. She hid, she hissed, she growled. But with patience and love, she’s learning that she can trust again.


Soon after I brought her home, Jumpy showed me how she got her name. Her people had told us that she would jump to get pet; well, Jumpy found her purr and her jump!



Moments like this are what BARCS is for. We are here for our human community as much as we are here for the animals. This family didn't have the means to care for Jumpy anymore, but they loved her. She was cared for. They may not have been “perfect” pet owners in the eyes of some people, but to Jumpy, they were perfect. 


The BARCS team promised this family that Jumpy would continue to be loved and cared for. Recently, Jumpy was adopted into her new home, and we know her loving family intends to keep that promise.