Pet Owner Solutions


My landlord no longer will allow for a pet

If you have the option to relocate to a pet-friendly home, we are happy to help cite options for pet-friendly housing in the greater Baltimore area. Click here to access our Pet Owners' Resource Guide with solutions and listings for rental housing.

I can’t afford to feed my pet

We can help. Thanks to generous donations from our community, BARCS has a food bank for pet owners in crisis. Please email our resources team at or call (410) 396-4695.

My pet needs vaccinations

BARCS’ low cost vaccination clinic is a monthly service to pet owners in our community. Click here for more information.

My pet needs medical attention

If you are considering surrendering your pet due to a medical issue, your veterinarian may allow you to set up a payment plan so that your pet can receive proper care and treatment at a cost affordable to you. Many veterinary clinics accept Care Credit and other payment services. Call your local vet today!

I need help with behavior and training

Behavior issues can usually be remedied with just a few changes. Visit our Training and Behavior online library to learn about what you can do with some of the most common behavior issues for cats and dogs.

I’m worried that I’m not home enough

If you are concerned that you are not at home enough, there are many options for pet sitters and doggie daycares available to you. Keep in mind that pets usually sleep most of the day. They are very happy when you return home, and waiting for your return is worth it!

My pet keeps having litters of puppies/kittens

There are lots of free and low cost spay/neuter options available to pet owners in Maryland. Click here for information to get your pet spayed/neutered.

I need tips for rehoming my pet

We’ve put together a guide to rehoming your pet with everything from writing a successful bio to doing the groundwork to interview potential new families. Click here for the Rehoming Tips page.

I’ve run out of time to rehome my pet

If you have exhausted all options and have run out of time to find a positive placement for your pets, please contact BARCS for a surrender appointment. Never let your pet loose on the street thinking it will have a better chance of survival. Animals are like humans and need food, shelter, water and care. On the street, they will suffer, starve and risk being injured by a car or malicious person.