Give Up a Pet

Many times, a pet is surrendered because the owner feels they have no other choice or is unaware of resources that can keep their pet in their home. We may be able to help you find alternatives to surrendering your beloved pet.

1. Alternatives and Resources: Staying Home is the Best Option for Your Pet

Most often, the best possible option is for your pet to stay with you. There are many resources available that could help you address medical or behavioral challenges. If you are facing housing issues or having financial hardship, programs exist to help you while you get back on your feet.

Many pet-related problems are solvable! Talk to our staff about your situation. Whether it’s a behavior concern, a housing issue or another kind of crisis, we’re here to help and advise you. BARCS has programs and resources in the following areas to help pet owners in crisis:

Click here for a listing of solutions and aid for pet owners in need

Are you experiencing a temporary housing issue for your family or your pet? If you are currently or willing to working with a support network/agency, BARCS may be able to assist. Please contact our resource center for help keeping your pet: or (410) 396-4695.

Community fostering network: is a community-based fostering network that connects pet owners to potential foster homes so that you can get a pet in a safe home right away. While this program is not directly affiliated with BARCS, it is a great resource to get temporary fostering relief and keeps owned pets from entering the shelter system.


2. Rehoming: The Second Best Option for Your Pet

The second-best alternative is to find your pet another family through a process called “rehoming.” This is where your pet goes from your home directly to the home of their new family without a stop at the shelter. Our partners at The Petco Foundation sponsor an online rehoming service called Rehome by On this site, you can fill out a profile about your pet and families looking to adopt can review it. Potential adopters will fill out an application, pay a small adoption fee to Adopt-A-Pet (that will later be donated to BARCS) and then a meeting will be coordinated. Rehoming listings are posted to BARCS' website to help get the word out. Find our current listings here.

If you choose to list your pet elsewhere online (Craigslist, Facebook, etc.), make sure that you check references to ensure the person is responsible and ask that they reach back out to you in the event that they can no longer care for your pet.


3. The Last Resort: Surrendering Your Pet

The last option is for you to turn your pet into our shelter. BARCS requires scheduled appointments for animal surrender in an effort to better serve the public and public pets. This program provides owners with convenient and extended appointment hours, high-quality service and the critical attention necessary to make the most informed decision about their pet’s future.

To make an appointment, please call (410) 396-4695 or send an email to


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