Pet Licensing


Our pets are an important part of our families, yet animal shelters throughout the country take in millions of lost cats and dogs each year. Purchasing a pet license is like taking out an insurance policy–if your pet ever gets lost, it can help ensure they’ll find their way home.

Purchase or look up a pet license.


Why is it Important to Get Your Pet Licensed?


Annual Pet License Fees

To purchase any pet license, you must provide proof of current rabies* vaccination.

A new Lifetime License is now available for $100.00. This pet license is good for the life of the animal and is nontransferable. To purchase a Lifetime License, you need to have proof of a current rabies vaccination, proof of spay/neuter and proof of a microchip.

*Has your veterinarian requested that your dog be exempt from receiving the rabies vaccination? If so, please provide a Rabies Exemption Form from your veterinarian when submitting your dog license application.


Obtaining a Baltimore City Pet License


Help us continue saving lives by making a donation today to BARCS. Our Pet Licensing Program is just one of the many ways BARCS is helping reunite pets with their families and keep them in loving homes and out of the shelter.