Reclaiming a Pet

BARCS accepts and cares for lost pets in Baltimore City. Our goal is to reunite you with your pet quickly so they can go back to the comfort of their home. Please reach out immediately, if you think your pet may be in BARCS' care:

BARCS also provides sheltering and care for the animals impounded by Baltimore City Animal Control, but is unable to directly answer questions about impoundments or other Animal Control-related matters. For questions regarding the reason for the impoundment of your pet, please contact Animal Control at 410-396-4688.

**Please note: While we make our best efforts to get photos of all animals in our care, there are cases where this is not always possible, including animals who are injured, transported directly to the ER or otherwise involved in private investigations.

Things to know when reclaiming your pet:

The owner reclaiming a pet must:

Per Baltimore City Code Title 10: The owner has 72 hours to reclaim their pet from the time they entered the shelter. After that time, the animal may be rehomed. 

The city may require the owner to pay fees for the care, feeding, housing, and veterinary care of the animal. They may also require the animal to be microchipped or to be altered. Coming to reclaim a pet quickly and/or providing proof of already having a current pet license, vaccinations, spay/neuter or a microchip will lower the fees associated with reclaiming your pet. Cash and Credit Card are acceptable payment methods. 

If you have questions or concerns about the fees or reclaiming your pet, please contact our resource department at 410-396-4695 or