BARCS Training and Enrichment Program

BARCS' Training and Enrichment Program aims to increase the adoptability of animals in our shelter. Our training department works in-shelter with our homeless pets to get them ready for adoption. This program also ensures that shelter animals get daily enrichment through exercise and mental stimulation.

Volunteering for This Program

We rely on volunteers to help us through playgroups, “pack walks,” and distributing work-to-eat toys and interactive toys. Our team trains advanced-level volunteer classes to help with cat and dog enrichment programs. If you are interested in volunteering with the Training and Enrichment Program, please email!

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Support This Program

You can support BARCS' Training and Enrichment Program through a monetary gift or through an in-kind donation of items from our wish list. The following items support this program. For our full shelter wish list and drop-off information, please click here.


Need Training Resources for a Pet in Your Home?