Foster a Pet and Help Us Save Lives


BARCS' fosters provide a lifesaving service for homeless cats and dogs. Fosters open their homes to care for sick and injured pets, animals having trouble adjusting to shelter life, pets who need work on their socialization skills, or those who simply need time to grow before being ready for adoption.

By fostering a homeless pet, you open up space at BARCS, allowing us to rescue more animals. The more animals BARCS can take in, the more lives we can save. By giving your time and home to an animal in need, you help save a life.


Animals Helped Through Fostering

The Foster Program at BARCS is critical to our rescue work. It enables us to increase the number of homeless pets we can save by placing them in temporary foster homes. Foster homes also give pets a warm, loving environment to heal, grow and flourish. As a foster parent, your role is to welcome a pet (or pets) into your home and provide food, water, toys and lots of love.

There are many reasons a pet may need a foster home:

They're Underage. Puppies and kittens are not ready to be adopted until they’re at least eight weeks old. They need time for their immune systems to develop, to receive life-saving medical care and to be healthy enough for their spay/neuter surgery.

They're Sick/Injured. Foster homes are a great place for our sick or injured animals to heal, whether they’re recovering from a routine procedure or something more complicated like an orthopedic surgery.

They Need Behavior Modification or Socialization. With people and animals constantly coming and going, our shelter can be overwhelming for some animals. They might need a home environment or some one-on-one attention. Other animals come to us abused, neglected or simply lacking the training or socialization they need to find the right home. Our foster homes provide the enrichment, training or behavior modification needed for these loving pets to attract the perfect family for them.


Fostering Requirements

In order to foster a BARCS animal, you must:

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Join Our Foster Family

Please fill out the foster application here. This form tells us about your experience with animals and helps our team match you with the best foster animals for your lifestyle/home. Once we review your information and approve you, you’ll receive an email to schedule your foster orientation class (at BARCS for about an hour). If you would like more information on our Foster Program, please contact the Foster Coordinator via email at or