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Help Animals at Any Age!

Community service and volunteerism are a great way to teach students and families the importance of investing in our community and the animals and people who live in it. Below are the ways for families, schools, scouts and other youth groups to get involved and help the animals at BARCS. Once you have selected the program that is the best fit for you, please fill out our online form. All student/youth requests will be reviewed by BARCS. We do our best to support the students in our community, but please understand that we have limited resources, staffing and availability.

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Youth Volunteering

BARCS has several volunteer projects for children, teens, classrooms or extracurricular youth groups who are interested in donating their time and talents to help the animals at our shelter. The following activities are the most impactful way that they can make a difference at BARCS:


Virtual Field Trips to BARCS

Visit BARCS on a virtual field trip through our shelter. Learn about how our shelter operates and meet our adoptable animals virtually. BARCS can also provide materials to teachers/leaders for follow-up activities in the classroom. Virtual field trips are available Monday through Friday between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. We ask that teachers and/or group leaders request field trips at least two weeks in advance. Please note we will do our best to accommodate these requests but are limited due to staffing, the size of the class, etc. 


High School Community Service Hours

BARCS provides opportunities to high school students who need to earn their required community service hours for graduation. We are able to provide signatures and/or official communication to the school to confirm service hours. These projects include:


More Opportunities for Youth

Volunteer Age Guide for Animal Handling in Shelter

Volunteer opportunities listed above are available to children and students of all ages. For families interested in volunteering at the shelter with the animals, the following age restrictions apply:

Families that choose to volunteer in our shelter must attend an upcoming volunteer open house.

Please deliver crafts, wish list (in-kind) items or monetary donations to our shelter. At this time, due to limited resources, BARCS is not able to pick up in-kind donations.

Items can be dropped off during the following hours:

If these times do not work for you or your group, please email If available, we will work to schedule an alternative time for drop off.