BARCS Working Cat Program

Rodents Running Rampant? Our Cats Can Help!

Our working cats, who aren’t suited for indoor living, would love to spend their lives helping to control your barn, warehouse, corporate campus, plant nursery or other places of business’ rodent and pest population. All they ask for in return is shelter, food, water and care. Best of all, when you give our cats a job, you’re saving the lives of homeless pets who otherwise would not have been suitable for adoption.

There is no adoption fee for BARCS' Working Cats. We’ll transport the cats to you** and provide all the supplies you need to help your cats adapt to their new environment. All Working Cat adoptions include:

Apply to Adopt a Working Cat

Working Cat Application

All applications must be filled out in their entirety to be accepted and approved. Please complete the application and email it to


The Annapolis Maritime Museum

The Annapolis Maritime Museum is housed in one of the last oyster-packing plants in Annapolis. We had a terrible problem with mice, both upstairs and downstairs. We read an ad on Craigslist that explained your Working Cat Program. Since Pearl has been a resident, we haven’t had any signs of mice, or if one was spotted, Pearl didn’t let them visit for long! Pearl is beloved by the staff, attends meetings regularly and has a chair in every office.

-Mary Ostrye


Private Residence

Our cat Stormy came to us through BARCS' Working Cat Program. He was very shy at first but quickly warmed up. We adopted him to help with mice in a chicken coop. He did a fine job with that and enjoys his free range of the yard. I've recommended the program to everyone I hear might be looking for a cat.

-Shane Green


Private Residence

We adopted Bruce to keep the moles down at our home in the Shenandoah Valley. He may not be a "people cat,” but he has done great work with the moles—their mounds started going down in the yard right after Bruce joined the household. Thanks for running this program. We sure are grateful for Bruce!