Rehoming Resources for Pet Owners


Rehome by

BARCS partners with Rehome by to provide free community listings of pets looking for new homes. By partnering with, we can help pet owners find new families for their pets without them having to enter into a shelter. This is much better for the families and the pet. Below is a downloadable PDF that contains more tips on writing a bio for your pet and screening adopters.

How to Use Rehome by Adopt-a-Pet (PDF download)


How to Write a Pet Bio

Use this list to ensure that the bio you complete for posting animals for rehoming will be successful. 


Screening Potential Adopters

You care that the pet makes it to a good, permanent home, so now you must “screen” the people who contact you. Asking some key questions will help with this, but be sure you have a conversation with the person and not an “interview” because you will get more from the exchange! Here are some questions to ask:

If you’d like help screening adopters, Rescue Well can help. Get in touch with them via their website:


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