Kitten Season Chaos: How You Can Help
Apr 22

Kitten Season Chaos: How You Can Help


Animal shelter life is already unpredictable as it is. But all of that changes when the weather gets warmer.


That’s right: we’re entering kitten season.




We know kitten season sounds like it should be really cute. After all, who doesn’t melt at the sight of those teeny, tiny, fuzzy jelly beans? But kitten season--really, the summer season--brings a whole new set of challenges to pile on top of our already chaotic day to day life at BARCS.


What Makes Summer So Chaotic?

Both people and their pets agree that warmer weather is better. Unfortunately, though, higher temperatures create a domino effect that directly impacts BARCS.


Warmer weather means:

  • More strays on the street.
  • More neglected animals outside.
  • More incidents of violence against animals.
  • More litters of kittens and puppies.

As an open admission shelter, BARCS takes in ALL animals regardless of their condition. The increase in animals spending time outside thanks to summer weather also means more animals are in our shelter for any of the reasons listed above. Plus, yes, those adorable litters of kittens are coming in too--all of which becomes very overwhelming for an animal shelter.


It also means more resources are being spent on caring for and sheltering homeless animals in our community. We wouldn’t have it any other way, but we could use your help.




How Can I Help?

You can help us during this overwhelming season in a few different ways.


1. We always need fosters who can open their homes and hearts to animals in need while they wait to be adopted. When you become a foster for BARCS, you are giving a second chance to an animal who needs temporary relief from the shelter. Fosters open up our shelter so we can help more animals in our community.


2. You can also consider opening your home to one of our many great animals! That’s because when you adopt from BARCS, you don’t save just one life—you save two. Not only are you saving your pet, but you’re opening up space for us to take in another pet in need.


3. Last, but not at all least, you can donate to our shelter. Even as little as $10 helps to feed a homeless animal for a week! Your donations make a very real difference in the lives of the animals in our shelter and pets in Baltimore City through our lifesaving programs. In fact, your donations promote the humane treatment of animals, prevent cruelty to animals and provide resources to community pet owners in crisis.